RingWraps Sizing and Fit

How should RingWraps fit? Should the ring gently snap into the RingWraps, or just sit inside?
RingWraps can fit multiple ways. What is important is that your ring fits completely flush inside the RingWraps, and that the pair fits comfortably on the finger together with no visible or prominent gaps. Your ring may gently snap into your RingWraps or it may just sit in your RingWraps, both are correct. The RingWraps fit, look, and feel best when they fit correctly. If you have ANY questions as to whether or not your RingWraps are fitting correctly, please contact us!

What size RingWraps do I purchase?
Order the same size RingWraps as your college ring, or the ring that you want wrapped. If you are an Aggie and do not know your ring size, call the Association at 979-845-1050 & they will have your ring size on file. Keep in mind that RingWraps do add width to your ring, which tightens the fit on your finger. RingWraps are very comfortable when they fit properly, however if your ring is snug, it is best that our in-house jewelers resize your ring before adding RingWraps. NOTE: If you are concerned with your college ring warranty being affected, please check with the manufacturer of your ring.

Will RingWraps make my ring fit tighter?
RingWraps will naturally tighten the fit slightly, as they are adding width to your ring. RingWraps will only make your ring feel uncomfortably tight if your personal ring is snug to begin with, or if you have a fuller finger pad. If this is the case, it is highly recommended that we resize your ring PRIOR to receiving the RingWraps. RingWraps fit best when they are a comfortable size.

My ring is too tight, can you resize it before I purchase RingWraps?
Yes, we resize rings often! We recommend this be done if your ring fits snug, as RingWraps will naturally tighten the fit on your finger since they add additional width to your ring. We want your RingWraps to fit comfortably, therefore we offer complimentary resizing if done prior to receiving your RingWraps (When placing your order, please leave us a note at checkout that you’d like to send your ring in for resizing). There are additional charges applied after the RingWraps have been received as both the RingWraps and the ring would need to be resized. 

When resizing rings larger, we actually ADD gold rather than stretch the ring (many jewelers just stretch the ring to add size, however this can compromise the shank of your ring). Our jewelers will match the shank of your ring exactly, and the resizing will be indetectable. NOTE: If you are concerned with your college ring warranty being affected, please check with the manufacturer of your ring.

Can the RingWraps be resized?
Yes, we can resize the RingWraps. We do understand that throughout the years your ring and RingWraps may need to be resized- not a problem! If you need resizing after you have received your RingWraps, there will be a fee associated. This is because when we resize, we actually add gold, and do it the right way, rather than just stretch out your ring/RingWraps.

I just received my RingWraps and they do not fit how they fit in the photos on your website. What should I do?
The class ring and the RingWraps are both handmade, so if the RingWraps are not fitting properly, please contact us by replying to your original order email and describing the issue/providing photos. NOTE: this will never be an issue for fully custom orders, only non-custom orders.

Each Class Ring has various degrees of wear and tear, which can affect how the RingWraps fit. Sometimes it is necessary for us to custom fit / custom make RingWraps to the class ring. We want our customers to have a flawless fit!

Many times, the fit can be remedied with a few simple tricks. First, make sure you are putting your ring into the RingWraps correctly - guide your class ring in straight into your RingWraps by using your index finger and thumb on each side of the shield of your class ring and use your other thumb to press the shank of your class ring into the cradle of the bars of your RingWraps. 

If your ring does not fit down into the RingWraps, chances are you just need to slightly adjust your RingWraps by very gently spreading them in order for your ring to sit down into the RingWraps. The easiest way to do this is by removing your ring from your RingWraps, placing your RingWraps on a flat surface (bars on the surface) and then slowly/softly pressing a thick marker/pen between the two sides of your RingWraps (where your ring would go). If there is still an issue with fit, please contact customer service, and we can get the issue resolved. 

If you see gaps in between the ring and the RingWraps, try gently squeezing the RingWraps closer together to close the gaps. If this does not work, then contact us and our jewelers will adjust the RingWraps to fit your ring. We will provide a UPS fully insured shipping label for you to send both the RingWraps and the class ring back to us so we can exchange it or customize the fit.