What are RingWraps?
Triple Patented RingWraps™ are a matching pair of diamond bands, meticulously handcrafted to encase a class ring (or any ring)! Our two-bar cradle design makes the RingWraps non-permanent and easily removable. RingWraps are made in the USA from start to finish. Choose from our five signature styles, or customize your own. Due to the varying designs of different rings, and intricacy of customization, we may require you to send us your class ring. Find more information about custom orders below, under “Custom Orders.”

Read about how the original creator of RingWraps, Emily Huskinson ‘12, started the company as a junior at Texas A&M here. https://rwfine.com/pages/about-us

Where are RingWraps sold?
Our RingWraps Showroom is located at the World Trade Center in Dallas, TX. You can also shop our RingWraps online! RingWraps are also available at David Gardner’s Jewelers in College Station, Texas.

What makes you different from other companies who claim to sell a similar product?
Read our “About us” to get the full scoop on how RingWraps started, but in short, Emily Huskinson thought of this idea in 2006 at her oldest brother’s Aggie Ring day. She was not looking to start a business, but just wanted to add sparkle to her own Aggie ring. Long story short, she ended up filing 3 patents for her products, all of which were approved (AKA nothing like this was available on the market.) Her company paved the way for this widespread college tradition. Unfortunately, after seeing how popular RingWraps were, some people began to try to knock off her products.

RingWraps are something most of our customers will wear for the rest of their lives. Truly a forever piece. Don’t you want it made by the inventors of college RingWraps and the experts? Some jewelers think they can easily copy our designs, but trust us, they can’t! There is SO much more that goes into the art of making RingWraps than many people might think. EACH one is made from scratch, completely handmade (ALL in the USA!) It has taken us years of research and development, product modifications and design upgrades to get to the level of expertise we are at today. We are perfectionists, that demand quality and accept nothing less (ask our jewelers!) You deserve the best product on the market, from the experts (and the ones with the PATENTS!)

What are the different styles you offer?
The Original RingWraps  | ~0.65 ctw G, VS – uniform diamonds
For someone who wants to add a simple yet elegant touch to their ring. Many of our customers start with The Original RingWraps™, and upgrade to a larger style later on.

The Kensington RingWraps  | ~1.20 ctw G, VS – uniform diamonds
For someone who craves the uniformity of The Original, but wants even more sparkle (double the carat weight of The Original). Simple yet luxurious. Bigger diamonds = bigger sparkle! 

The Mini Cascading RingWraps  | ~1.10 ctw G, VS – >tapered diamonds
For someone who craves a subtle tapered accentuation of the ring. The Mini Cascading is a flattering style for all; no matter the finger size, as the tapered design elongates the fingers. If you prefer our tapered styles, this is the perfect option between The Original and The Cascading. Our most popular design!

The Cascading RingWraps  | ~1.28 ctw G, VS – tapered diamonds
Formerly our largest style, the Cascading is truly stunning and features a heightened tapered design that elongates the fingers and looks amazing on any finger size. If you are looking for a tapered style that is substantial, yet not overpowering, this is the perfect option for you. 

The Crown RingWraps  | ~2.50 ctw D-E, VVS – tapered diamonds
For someone who has it all and desires our most opulent style. A true showstopper and even more gorgeous in person - your jaw will drop! It takes a Queen to wear The Crown.

What style should I choose?
Choosing the perfect style is a difficult decision! Our Original and Kensington RingWraps bring a sense of uniformity and consistency, whereas, the Cascading styles (The Mini Cascading, The Cascading and The Crown) provide an elegant tapered effect to your ring. Most of our customers who purchase in person usually choose a larger style than expected. It ultimately comes down to your personal preference and what you feel fits your personality best! But no one EVER comes back to switch for a smaller style!

Do you make RingWraps for all school rings and wedding rings?
YES! We have customized RingWraps for over 150 different schools, and have done hundreds of different wedding rings. At this time, for all rings other than TAMU, TAMU Galveston & SHSU, it is required that we have your ring in order to properly make your RingWraps. We consider these “Custom Orders,” or “Custom RingWraps.” The pricing will be the same as you see on the RingWraps shopping page (some exclusions do apply for cocktail rings or wedding rings). 

Are RingWraps permanently attached to my ring?
No! RingWraps are designed to seamlessly encase your ring, so there is no need to permanently attach the two. RingWraps are completely removable for your convenience, allowing you to wear them as you please. Upon request, we can permanently attach the RingWraps to your ring. See the question below if you’d like for us to solder your ring and RingWraps. >

What if I want to permanently attach the RingWraps to my class ring?
Permanently attaching your ring and RingWraps is done by soldering your rings together with a laser weld, making them all one piece. If you choose to attach the RingWraps to your ring, we will require you to send us both rings. Please email us at customerservice@rwfine.com to get this process started. The cost will be $75 (plus shipping and sales tax).


How do I know if I need to send in my ring for Custom RingWraps to be made?
We require your class ring be sent in for all Custom RingWraps Orders.The following list would classify your order as a “Custom RingWraps Order.”

  • RINGWRAPS FOR A RING OTHER THAN: TAMU, TAMU GALVESTON, OR SHSU (*exclusions apply*): At this time, for all rings other than TAMU, TAMU Galveston & SHSU (*EXCEPTIONS APPLY*), it is required that we have the ring in order to properly make the RingWraps.
  • CUSTOMIZING WITH METAL/COLORED GEMSTONES: ALL rings (even TAMU, TAMUG & SHSU) are required to be sent in if you are wanting to customize your RingWraps with colored gemstones, or a metal other than 10k yellow gold. 
  • CLASS RING REPAIR/ RESIZING/ CUSTOM FIT /ETC: If your ring needs resizing or shows signs of heavy wear and tear, we must custom make the RingWraps.

If you require customization, we will email you a prepaid fully insured UPS shipping label (1-3 days after your order is placed) for you to use to send us your ring, or you can leave it with us at a trunk show or at our Dallas Showroom. This process generally takes 6-8 weeks. There is no additional fee for us to customize the RingWraps. Metals other than 10k yellow gold will incur an additional fee. 

What metals do you offer?
We offer a variety of metals, however 10k yellow gold is our inventory standard for all five signature styles of RingWraps. We have customized our own 10k yellow gold metal formula with extremely high quality alloys, giving the RingWraps the look of a bright 14k gold, but the durability of 10k. 
We recommend 10k for yellow gold, and 14k for white gold. The RingWraps, in a sense, protect your ring, so they need to be able to withstand daily wear and tear. **We will require you to send us your ring for any metal other than 10k yellow gold, as all other metal options are “custom” and cannot be returned/exchanged and are final sale. NOTE: If you have a 14k yellow gold center ring, it is perfectly okay to wear 10k yellow gold RingWraps!**

RingWraps can be made in any of the following metals. Please note, there is an additional charge for any metal option other than our 10k yellow gold, and we will require your ring to make it. 

  • 10k Yellow Gold
  • 14k White/Yellow/Rose Gold (incurs an additional charge)
  • 18k White/Yellow/Rose Gold (incurs an additional charge)
  • Platinum (incurs an additional charge)

My ring is a very unique shape. Can you still make RingWraps for it?
Yes! Our in-house jewelers handcraft every set of RingWraps and will custom make the RingWraps to fit your ring, whatever shape or style it is! Depending on the unique shape, a unique CAD design may be required, which will incur an additional fee. 

Can you make RingWraps for my wedding ring?
Of course! Custom RingWraps are a perfect way to enhance your wedding band. Check out our gallery to see examples of RingWraps with wedding rings!

Can I use my own diamonds for my RingWraps?
In short, yes, but it is only worth it if you are wanting to use the diamonds for sentimental reasons, because you do not necessarily save money if we use your diamonds. Diamonds are an expensive part of the RingWraps, but making a completely custom piece requires exponentially more labor and time than one of our normal RingWraps. 
We would need to see the diamonds in person to give you exact costs. Oftentimes, in older jewelry, diamonds lack calibration and they’re all over the place in size, color and quality. This is something we CANNOT determine through just a picture.  
-Our jewelers measure each individual diamond. This means they must be removed from the original setting. Please note: the stones cannot be placed back in the original setting once our jewelers have removed them.
-A custom CAD design is created to accommodate each stone and must be approved by you. We can also add diamonds at this time to the design, or add any other design elements you want. 
-3D wax printed
-A custom casting created 
-Jewelers set diamonds and assemble custom RingWraps

Do you offer Cubic Zirconias?
We do not/will not use cubic zirconias. CZ’s scratch easily and will become dull over time, which is why we do not use them. Additionally, they are softer than diamonds which leads to much easier breakage. Since the RingWraps are around your ring and usually worn every day, they tend to take quite a beating over the years. We find gold and real diamonds to hold up best, and there is simply no comparison.

I do not see a ring like mine on your Custom Page. Can you still make one for me?
Yes! We love making unique custom RingWraps. Contact us with pictures of your ring and our team can better help you understand the custom order process and what your RingWraps may look like by providing pictures of similar shaped rings.


Can I order RingWraps before I have my ring?
If you have a TAMU, TAMU Galveston, or SHSU ring, you can order RingWraps before actually having your ring. We just need to know the finger size of the class ring you are ordering, and the style of RingWraps that you want. If you do not know the finger size to order, we can help you determine that in person, or for gifting purposes, you can call The Association of Former Students office at 979-845-1050 and they will have the size on file that was ordered.

How can I book an appointment?
Click here to book an appointment at our showroom in Dallas. (You can also book through our social media platforms). We offer resizing, stone setting, cleaning/polishing, customization, and much more. We also sell engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, and can make any piece of custom jewelry for you or a loved one! Due to the high security of our building, please be sure to book an appointment with us ahead of time. We look forward to meeting with you!


What’s my quality assurance?
RingWraps are meticulously handcrafted in the USA by expert jewelers and undergo a vigorous quality check process. We stand behind and guarantee our craftsmanship. Customer word-of-mouth is our #1 marketing tool, so we do everything we can to make sure our customers are thrilled with their purchase for years to come!

What’s the manufacturer’s warranty?
The manufacturer will guarantee the craftsmanship on all RingWraps for one year from the date of shipment. This warranty includes any quality issues that arise from a manufacturing defect.

*This is ONLY for orders that are still within the one year warranty, and damage was caused ONLY by natural wear/tear and not incurred by the user.* 
Please email customerservice@rwfine.com to request a repair form. This form will need to be filled out and included in your shipment with your RingWraps. Ship your package as Registered Mail (UPS or FedEx ONLY, NO USPS) with insurance for the full value. We are not responsible for items lost or damaged while shipping. Please do not write “jewelry” or any other jewelry-related words on the outside of the package. 
Include the provided repair form & send your package to:
2050 North Stemmons Freeway, Suite 7715
Dallas, TX 75207-3206
Phone: (855) 485-7979

Do you recommend insuring my jewelry?
Yes! We can not recommend Jewelers Mutual enough! 
Click here to visit their website for more information about insuring your RingWraps

What if a stone is lost or my RingWraps are damaged?
Please email us at customerservice@rwfine.com with information and pictures that can better help our team assess the situation. Charges will be applied to any issue not covered under warranty. 

If your ring is under warranty, we will provide you with a prepaid fully insured UPS shipping label so you can return your RingWraps to us for repair. It is best if you include your college ring/ center ring as well so that we can assess what caused the damage and make any adjustments/ repairs necessary to maintain a perfect fit
Any issue that occurs after the one-year warranty can be resolved by our in-house jewelers. The cost of the repair depends on what needs to be completed and varies situation to situation. 

Are the diamonds in RingWraps conflict free?
All of the diamonds in all of our finished jewelry pieces come from a reputable diamond wholesaler who makes every effort to responsibly source all its diamonds from legitimate business partners who all proudly adhere to the standards established by the Kimberly Process. Our diamond supplier requires that all companies from whom they source diamonds guarantee in writing that all stones supplied are of natural, earth-mined origin and from sources free of ethical and environmental conflict.


“I have small hands, therefore I need the smallest style.”
This is our most common misconception! Small fingers does not mean you need small diamonds and our smallest style. Many of our customers with tiny fingers wear our largest styles! Our tapered styles are surprisingly slimming to the finger. Emily, the RingWraps founder, wears a size 5.00 Crown! We believe you can never have too many diamonds or too much bling! Truly, most people are surprised by how much they love our bigger styles in person!

“I am going to go to a different jeweler and make these cheaper.”
Our motto? “Do it once, and do it right.” Our second motto? “Buy Once. Cry Once.” HAHA! 😉 RingWraps are something most of our customers will wear for the rest of their lives - Truly a forever piece! Don’t you want it made by the inventors of college RingWraps, aka, the experts? Some jewelers think they can easily copy our designs, but trust us, they can’t! There is SO much more that goes into the art of making RingWraps than most people might think. EACH one is made from scratch, completely handmade (ALL in the USA). It has taken us years of research and development, product modifications, and design upgrades to get to the level of expertise we are at today. We are perfectionists, that demand quality and accept nothing less (ask our jewelers!). You deserve the best product on the market, from the experts (and the ones with the PATENTS!)

Why do you choose to manufacture in the USA rather than making it overseas and selling a cheaper product?
In a greed driven age of outsourcing production overseas to low-cost labor markets, RingWraps continues to have a deep seated belief in doing our part to not just support the American economy, but more importantly, the American people. Each and every RingWraps is meticulously handcrafted by one of our hardworking jewelers here in the USA; Texas to be exact!
Manufacturing our jewelry in-house is the best way to ensure quality, reduce our turnaround times & innovate quickly. Our “Made in the USA” stamp is shorthand for high quality, handmade jewelry, made with integrity by a company that’s accountable by caring for its employees, customers, business partners, and community, and for our shared planet.
When you buy products overseas (or buy from companies who sell overseas products), you do not truly know what you are getting. American standards are drastically different than the rest of the world. It is a known issue in the jewelry world that some unethical overseas diamond providers sift in CVD diamonds (lab diamonds) or CZ’s into their parcels, and sell it to factories as 100% “natural diamonds.”


What payment plans do you offer?
We offer financing through our partner, Bread. Easy, fixed payments can be made over 6, 12, 18 or 24 months.* Bread offers rates from as low as 0% APR.* Prepay your loan at any time and save money on interest without the worry of getting charged prepayment penalties. Learn more about financing here.

How can I find out my rates with Bread before committing to a purchase? 
You can apply for Bread financing on our website. If you pre-qualify, you will be presented with the loan terms offered and sample monthly installment amounts. Once you have decided to checkout with Bread, add the item to your shopping cart and choose Bread® as your preferred method of payment when you check out. *Be sure to use the same email address during checkout that you use when pre-qualifying.*

How do I know if I am eligible for 0% APR* Financing?
The terms are for a loan to finance a purchase. Rates range from 0% to 29.99% APR, resulting in, for example, 18 equal monthly payments of $55.56 at 0% APR, or 18 equal monthly payments of $59.14 to $69.67 at 7.99% to 29.99% APR, per $1,000 borrowed. Your terms may vary and are subject to credit approval. Bread® loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey Chartered Bank, Member FDIC.


I have worn RingWraps for several years now and would like to upgrade to a larger style. Is this possible?
Yes, many of our customers start with a conservative style, and before long they’re ready for more sparkle! Our upgrade program works by offering you 50% (after discount and before shipping/taxes) of what you paid for your previous RingWraps. We take your previous RingWraps, and you can use your credit towards a larger RingWraps style. Our upgrade program / offering is subject to change at any time.

What are the steps to upgrading my RingWraps?
Email us (customerservice@rwfine.com) with your original order number and we will send you a prepaid fully insured UPS shipping label and upgrade form that should be completed and included in your shipment with your RingWraps. It is required that you send both your personal ring and RingWraps, this way we can ensure a perfect fit for your upgraded style. Once received, we will email you a one-time use discount code for you to order your upgraded RingWraps. Your ring will be professionally cleaned and polished by our in-house jewelers, and we will place your ring with a new set of RingWraps. If your ring has antiquing, we can either reapply it or remove it. This process takes 4-6 weeks. If additional adjustments or customization is needed, then extra time may be necessary. We want to ensure that your new RingWraps are a perfect fit!

I want to upgrade my RingWraps, but I need my ring resized. Can you do this?

Does Bread financing work with the upgrade program?
Yes! We can create a personal upgrade code for you to use at checkout. Instead of entering your credit card information you will choose to checkout with Bread. You will then be directed to a different browser where you will be asked to create an account, view your interest rate (if applicable), and decide on how many months you would like to pay the remainder of what you owe on your new upgrade through Bread. If you have questions, please contact us.

Why don’t I receive full credit for my RingWraps when upgrading?
The initial cost of the RingWraps also accounts for manufacturing costs, supplier costs, time and labor. Remember, every single stone is set by one of our in-house jewelers in Dallas, TX. All of that is lost whenever we melt down an old set of RingWraps (and there is labor involved with removing the diamonds and scrapping the gold.) With the progression and growth of our business, RingWraps has increased our diamond quality, carat weights, and gold quality throughout the years without repeatedly increasing our prices. We strive to ensure that our customers receive the best quality products on the market and we value customer loyalty. This is why we are happy to offer an upgrade program!

Do you resale pre-owned RingWraps?

Does this apply to custom made RingWraps? Does this upgrade program work for Enhancers?
Yes, the upgrade program applies to all RingWraps and Enhancers, regardless of the customization (ie: metal, colored stones, etc.). Please note that our upgrade program EXCLUDES ALL Charlie Cloud® Cloud Bands AND Georgie Bands.

How do I determine what my upgrade credit would be?
If you cannot find or don’t have access to your original order information, we are happy to look this up for you and calculate your upgrade amount. Email customerservice@rwfine.com and include the first and last name and email address associated with your original order.
To determine your credit amount:
Find your original order email from RingWraps.
Divide the subtotal (after discounts and before shipping/taxes) by two. 
The total is the credit amount you would receive for your RingWraps.

Subtotal: $1950
Discount amount: $150
$1950 – ($150) = $1800 
$1800 / 2 = $900 
Credit received for RingWraps: $900