How to Clean Your Engagement Ring At Home

When you are unable to take your ring to a professional to get it cleaned, it is great to have the option to do it yourself. An engagement ring holds so much sentimental value and is something that you wear daily. Cleaning your engagement ring is very important to maintain your rings' maximum sparkle and fire. Things such as daily household products, body oils and cosmetic residue cling to diamonds and result in the lack of brilliance and shine to your ring. Here is our step by step on how to clean your engagement ring (or any diamond ring!)

We recommend cleaning your ring at home once or twice a week. We do not recommend wearing your rings during outdoor activities, cleaning, or working out


Before holding your most precious piece of jewelry over the sink drain, cover all places that the ring could fall into to save yourself from the nightmare of losing your ring.


Soak your ring in a bowl of hot water mixed with dawn dish soap for about 30 minutes, or until the hot water has reached a cooler temp. The hot water + dish soap combination helps to melt trapped oils and loosen the dirt and debris tucked away in the prongs.


Dip a soft bristle toothbrush into the Dawn and water solution and gently clean the ring, making sure to reach all of the small crevices of the setting. Don't forget the bottom and sides of the diamond.


Rinse your ring under hot water. Repeat all steps for extra dirty rings.

RWFINE TIP: Using a new children's toothbrush is easier to maneuver. (This toothbrush should be used for ring cleaning only) 


A final rinse and pat dry will give you that supreme sparkle!

Written by PixelRocket