What’s the difference between Enhancers and the Curved Charlie Cloud®/Georgie Bands?
The main difference between these bands is the setting styles. Enhancers are offered in the same five signature styles as our RingWraps (The Original, The Kensington, The Mini Cascading, The Cascading, The Crown), and are essentially just one side of RingWraps (excluding the back bars). The Charlie Cloud® Bands have a single prong setting, meaning there is one single prong between the diamonds, creating the gorgeous scalloped silhouette that we all love! The Georgie Bands have two prongs between the diamonds, creating a less scalloped appearance, and look more similar to The Original and Kensington Enhancers. All of these bands are slightly curved to stack perfectly with your class ring.

What size Enhancer or Curved Charlie Cloud®/Georgie Band do I order?
Order the same size as your college ring, or the ring that you will be stacking your band with. If you are an Aggie and do not know your ring size, call the Association at 979-845-1050 & they will have your ring size on file.

What if I’m stacking my Enhancer or Curved Charlie Cloud®/Georgie Band with my RingWraps?
If you plan to wear your band with RingWraps, please leave a note at checkout when placing your order of which style of RingWraps you will be stacking it with. This will ensure that we can get the proper curve for your band to seamlessly stack with your RingWraps. 

If your class ring is anything other than TAMU, TAMU Galveston, or SHSU, we will email you after your order is placed to see if you want to send your class ring in to ensure your band curves perfectly to it. If you are not willing/able to send your class ring in, we can still make your band, just be aware that you will be responsible for the shipping fees associated with sending it back in for the curve to be adjusted. 

What if the curve of my Enhancer or Curved Charlie Cloud®/Georgie Band doesn’t stack perfectly with my ring or RingWraps?
We can adjust the curve! If you forgot to mention you were wearing your band with a specific style of RingWraps or the curve just doesn’t sit perfectly flush with your ring/RingWraps, our in-house jewelers can adjust it for you. 

How should my Enhancer or Curved Charlie Cloud®/Georgie fit?
It’s important to make sure that your band is comfortable! Many times, if it isn’t comfortable then it isn’t fitting your ring correctly. If you notice the band spinning on your finger, then it is too large for you. If it feels like your band is pressing into your finger padding, and difficult to get off, it is too small for you. 

Are the Charlie Cloud® bands more delicate since they are in a single prong setting? 
Due to the delicate nature of the Charlie Cloud® Band single prong setting, which allows for the beautiful scalloped appearance, the edges of the diamonds are slightly exposed by nature. As a result, it is easier for the stones to be chipped or become loose in this band if hit against something. We suggest being more mindful of your daily wear and remind our customers that this is a delicate band. If you ever are to damage/loosen a stone in any of your bands, we are happy to repair it and check/tighten all of your prongs. 

Can you turn Enhancers/Charlies/Georgies into RingWraps by adding the back bars?
Absolutely! We can connect any of these bands with bars to make them into full RingWraps. There is a fee associated with adding bars on, so please contact us for pricing (fee is subject to change).

Please note that if you already have one or both of your bands, and later decide you want to connect them, there will most likely be a fee for resizing your bands, as RingWraps have to be larger in size in order to encase your class ring.

As stated in the question above, the nature of the Charlie Cloud® Band setting is much more delicate, as the edges of the diamonds are exposed to create a beautiful scalloped look. If you do decide to attach two Charlie Cloud®  Bands with bars, we recommend that you be extra mindful when wearing the bands. If your Charlie Cloud® RingWraps happen to come in direct contact with anything that could cause damage, be sure to check all of your stones, to ensure none of them have loosened in the setting or been chipped.

What makes my order Custom or Non-Custom?
If you select any metal other than 10k yellow gold, customize with colored stones, choose our upgraded Luxe diamonds, or if your band has been custom curved to match the curve of your ring, this makes your order “Custom.” 

Can I customize my band with colored gemstones?
Our Enhancers and Georgies can be customized with colored gemstones! We highly discourage colored stones in our Charlie Cloud® Bands, as colored stones are much softer than diamonds, and the delicate nature of this setting makes your gemstones more prone to being chipped or damaged. 

There is no additional cost for customizing your stones! We have a variety of colors available, and can work with you to make sure you get the exact color you have in mind.